It’s the Council stupid….

I know that this doesn’t suit Mr. Bennetti’s narrative that everything is the fault of the current Mayor, but I’ve got a news flash for him, the council makes the laws – not Mike Yenni!

The city’s bond issuance that Bennetti and Citizens for a Better Kenner sued over, was in fact, an action of the council – signed into law by the Mayor. Admittedly, his suit (more to follow on that front), includes the CIty, Mayor and Council, but to read Bennetti’s account, the Mayor wrote the ordinance, forced the Council to sign it and hand carried the paperwork over to the bond attorney all before the ink was dry. Not remotely the case.

The issues he imparts on to the Mayor, are indeed equally visited upon the Kenner Council, but the truth isn’t important to Walt because of his friends Joe Stagni, Gregory Carroll and to a lesser degree Kent Denapolis (although I hear Walt owes Kent some money from a failed business, which seems plausible given the other issues in Walt’s background that we’ve covered) have voted for most of what comprises the Kenner 2030 plan.

Walt says he’s all about the facts, let’s start by getting them straight!

It’s the council stupid!


What Walt now owes us…….

So I was intrigued by Old Bennetti’s conception that he didn’t cost taxpayers any money with his suit —- I have a more grounded reality based on when the bonds would have been sold sans CFABK intervention and when they were actually sold following the prolonged lifespan of the appeal being dropped.

These are just a few options in the breakdowns for your consideration of what Walt really owes you!

 Amount Walt Cost Kenner               $2,100,000.00

$2,100,000.00 / 67,000    (Total Population) = $31.34

$2,100,000.00 / 38,277 (Registered Voters) = $56.33

$2,100,000.00 / 26,817 (Households)            = $78.30

$2,100,000.00 / 21,641(Real Estate Parcels )= $97.05 (Bennetti won’t get this bill because he doesn’t own any taxable property in Kenner… or anyplace else)

When I see him, I’m going to ask him for my $97.05 — I wonder if he’ll pay me in cash or out of his campaign account? It was his stunt to get his name out, surely he’ll argue that it’s a campaign expense…….

with Walt, everything is just a simple misunderstanding or a mistake….(response included)

Yes, it’s a mistake!

best online pharmacy viagra cialis Editorially, I find it so very interesting that a man who’s spent an inordinate amount of time bashing an elected official, taking statements and situations out of context for his own purposes, yet is out of patience when someone points out the inequalities of his own statements….. curious? – CONNIE

Response to Walt Bennetti’s comments on

When a friend sent me this link, I actually thought that I would read something regarding the Kenner Mayor’s race – not a promotion piece for the ramblings, lies and misinformation spewed by Mike Yenni and Greg Buisson through their rube, Connie Montgomery. So says Joe Stagni’s most staunch defender.If Ms. Montgomery (or Slabbed, for that matter) bothered to do their homework (or actually read), they would note that there are at least 15 lies put forth by Ms. Montgomery with no documentation. I’m not going to address them here as I have better things to, like campaign. As an attorney, and a former judicial candidate, Ms. Montgomery should know the difference between facts and innuendo. As a candidate, I realize that I am putting myself out there to scrutiny and I’ve written about, and accepted, the mistakes that I’ve made in my life. You may have offered up some of the mistakes you’ve made in your life, but you’ve been silent on plenty, hoping the media won’t notice or call you on the gaps. That being said, the First Amendment or the Public Figure law, does not extend to malicious slander, and Ms. Montgomery should know that distinction. Since she is providing Slabbed with legal advice (and, in return, no doubt) Slabbed is trying to send traffic to her page, Slabbed is a witting or unwitting accomplish. In any event, hopefully, Slabbed is getting better legal advice than Ms. Montgomery can offer. I got my degree from the University of Alabama – where did you get yours Walt? 

Cue Mr. Bennetti (this is where he goes into his riffs about everything in life being Mr. Yenni’s fault.)  If the people of Kenner don’t want me as there Mayor and would rather have a corrupt man who gives no-bid contracts to his friends, tried to double property taxes, has more political appointees than at any time in Kenner history, gave those political appointees $200,000 a year in allowances to drive back and forth from their homes to city hall and to pay their cell phones, who opposed 2 Good Government Charter Changes that were approved by 70% of the voters in Kenner, and used semantics to take on the largest debt in Kenner’s history without a voter referendum, that’s fine. At least, there will be a vote and the people will decide – not Mike Yenni’s Millionaire Friends.I doubt that the Mayor is under the influence of some roving group of millionaires, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve put on your tinfoil hat and said it enough times so that it became true. 

I’ve offered plans to turnaround the Esplanade Mall; reinvigorate Williams Blvd, West Esplanade and Airline Highway without new taxes or new debt; provide real economic development in Kenner as opposed to window dressing; turn the Old Kenner High School into a South Kenner Library and computer resource center/job training center to afford members of our community to learn new skills and get higher paying jobs in the new economy (Yenni wants to turn it into more City offices); fully fund our Fire Department and get up to the National standard of 4-men on a truck; and bring openness and transparency to Kenner and end the “pay to play” mentality of the Yenni Administration.

Now, regarding some of Ms. Montgomery’s assertions and lies:

As most people in Kenner (Ms. Montgomery not-withstanding) know, for the past two years, I’ve been undergoing extensive therapy to keep my left leg attached.

Walt, I know that your goal in constantly drawing attention to your leg is to acquire people’s sympathy for your condition. I deal with people on disability working through medical issues every day. They don’t run for mayor and then bring up their infirmity at every possible chance. You however, love the attention as you hope they won’t notice the issues in your past. Based on what I’ve read of your posts, your leg got infected because you did not go to the doctor on a timely basis (weeks?) and put you own self in jeopardy. This may sound callous, but seems like Ms. Byler should have made you go to the doctor long before your leg was literally rotting off of you? Why would you wait? 

In fact, I had my 15th operation on March 5th. While I was hospitalized and fighting to stay alive from the infection that had spread through my body, I shut down all of my businesses. Why would I keep inactive corporations active and on the tax roll? These “businesses” were not in good standing with the Secretary of State prior to your injury. How does that make sense? But, it’s a common tactic by Greg Buisson to infer that someone is a “bad businessman”. I don’t know Mr. Buisson, but I am saying that in my opinion he’d be right to infer that you are indeed a “bad businessman!”

Answer me this, what do you do for money? Your report leads one to believe that you didn’t file your taxes, don’t have a job, have no business interests. Explain how you are living. One does not rent a house and somehow have the means to have 0 resources per these reports. Answer this one question – what do you do?

Ms. Montgomery claims that I have a “war on women” because I’ve criticized the fact that a former secretary with no Purchasing or IT experience (and no government or management experience either) was promoted to Interim Purchasing Director and now, IT Director and given an almost $30,000 raise. Ms. Montgomery believes that I am attacking her because this person is a single mother (a fact that I was not aware of). Lots of facts you aren’t aware of, this I’m convinced of….    Ms. Montgomery fails to note that I was raised by a single mother and have repeatedly called my mother “the strongest person that I know”. I was also raised by a divorced mother, which is the proper term! But I don’t care about your mother Norman, she’s not running for Mayor. In fact, I wrote more about my life than probably any other candidate ever has and posted it warts and all, on my web site:

You did write a lot and as I see it, however you told the story you wanted to have out there, not the facts that your records and history tell.

Ms. Montgomery asserts that there was an Attorney General’s investigation. Go sue the Baton Rouge Business Report for that inference. A simple phone call to the AG’s office would have told her that never happened. Everything with you is solved by a simple phone call, a quick check, a plausible story……  A business claimed that “there should be” an investigation and that was printed by the Baton Rouge Business Report. There was never any investigation. The worst thing that happened with my failed magazine in Baton Rouge was (wait for it…..) that I had an overzealous salesperson who claimed to have sold some ads and didn’t (…. somebody else’s fault….). Those businesses received free advertising – they were never billed, and they obviously never paid. However, this action damaged the magazine’s reputation and we folded. Yet another folded business! Let’s talk about how you had no recollection of having a mortgage for the building that housed your BRLA magazine and the resulting foreclosure and how you were sued for non-payment of that mortgage and then iced the cake by attempting to collect rent for space you did not own and now claim to have no memory of the transaction. (Wait – I know, another misunderstanding). As Tom Fitzmorris says, “but first this……”

Ms. Montgomery asserts that I printed 2 issues of Inside Jefferson Parish. We actually printed 4 – 3 of them are available online. Send me the link, when you reply to this….but regardless, there would have been no prohibition on you operating the magazine and running for office — The last issue was August 2011 finished in July for August distribution and qualifying for JP Council (my other attempt at public office) was in September 2011 It was over in November. Your former employees and landlord (you remember paying them, right?) paint a different picture – we can bring them in as needed to enlighten your recollection.  I injured my leg in January of 2012 which stopped me from relaunching the magazine after Mardi Gras 2012. You were asked to leave the address on Harvard prior to the end of the year in 2010 under less than positive circumstances and would have no option to return there — (I know …. another misunderstanding.)

Ms. Montgomery says that there is a 16-year gap between 1979 and 1995 that is unaccounted for. In fact, I wrote about my moving up the ladder in radio, moving from Tampa to Lansing to Toledo and back to Tampa, getting married and divorced, etc. Ms. Montgomery says that “sometime before 1998″ I got divorced. My divorce was final in 1987, and I clearly wrote about that in the timeline.

Ms. Montgomery drags up a legal disciplinary hearing that I attended as a witness for my stepfather to assert that I am somehow responsible for some decisions that he made with his business. My stepfather paid an attorney to represent him and the attorney disappeared. I was never an employee of my stepfather’s business, never drew a paycheck, never worked anything remotely associated with regular hours and had limited involvement in the business. Again, this disciplinary case has more to do with an attorney stealing money and misrepresenting my stepdad than it has anything to do with me. You were listed as a  registered agent and you were referenced in the disciplinary action as co-owner. (It’s ok if you don’t remember, I have paperwork….. )

Ms. Montgomery makes several assertions regarding the portion of the building that I leased in Baton Rouge. (it was a mortgageWhen I was confronted with that information (12 years after the fact), I answered the questions posed truthfully. Yet again, the misunderstandings — just cause you run from the process server, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This “lawsuit” and “foreclosure” never appeared on my credit report, never came up in a background check and was never served on me. Ms. Montgomery asserts that I “dodged” service. If you look at the paperwork, despite having my home address, they were trying to serve me in the wrong parish. I never knew about this “lawsuit” until a manilla envelope was taped to my front door when I ran for office in 2011 and, then, a few days later, shown the information by a reporter. You continue to talk around the issue of your demand for rent from the other tenant which is the most unbelievable part of the circumstance AND you still didn’t write about it in your “warts and all” biography. 

Again, I’m not going to defend myself here. I’ll save that for the courts after the election. I’ve probably already said too much. I just thought that Slabbed was better than this. Certainly, Doug knows my email address (probably my cell number too) and could have asked me to discuss this. Perhaps if he would have done even a modicum of actual reporting he would have fallen for this obvious political move. But hey, I guess I should be flattered knowing that Yenni, Buisson and Montgomery are pulling out all the stops to try to discredit me right? Slabbed readers should know that, just because someone says (or writes) something, that doesn’t make it true. Amen Brother Bennetti, you should know that this is the ultimate irony, because when you write something on your computer or the internet, you seem to believe it’s unassailable. I find you to be a jealous, pitiful and spiteful man. I see through you, I see why no woman wants you and I may arrange some face time for you and the people you still have open financial issues with…… where are you knocking doors this weekend, when is your next public appearance?

Walt Bennetti March 25, 2014 at 12:28 am

First of all, the “claim” that the lawsuit cost the city $2.1 Million is completely false. The bonds were priced and sold prior to the lawsuit being heard and before the City Council had given their final approval. They could have been priced and sold at any time as there was a disclaimer in the bond package regarding the law suit.While Ms. Montgomery can continue repeating Mayor Yenni’s lies and misinformation, the fact is that HE cost city residents $17 Million in interest. That interest is wasted money that could have been used to fund infrastructure, fire and police protection and other projects.Besides, even if Ms. Montgomery and Yenni are correct and I cost the city $2.1 Million, I helped save taxpayers $13 Million a year in new and increased taxes so, in the eyes of Kenner taxpayers (read: 6 enabling sycophant malcontents and other friends of Joe Stagni….), I’m still way ahead.  As usual, the same theme, I’m right – everybody else is wrong, it’s all a misunderstanding.

Also, Ms. Montgomery is wrong in that I have NEVER been sued in Shreveport. (but lots of other places?) 

Bennetti Bkgrnd 2 18

I’ve never heard of GZA Environmental Well, Walt, they’ve heard of you! and I can find no record of an office in Shreveport. I was never served the lawsuit in Baton Rouge (one, not 2) and it obviously never went to court. (see the posts above dude! Obviously it was adjudicated, note the docket numbers, see the NOTICE OF RETURN which delineates the Sheriff’s Service in the second paragraph! AND OBVIOUSLY Mr. Silvio and the New Richmond Corporation got their building back via the Sheriff’s sale conducted by Elmer Litchfield, Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish)  Don’t say you were never sued, Walter! And here the papers Yes, I was sued twice in Jefferson Parish although Ms. Montgomery fails to note that I was sued by Ben Zahn (who lost both times). The lawsuits in Jefferson Parish were well documented with articles on

When I’ve answered Ms. Montgomery’s assertions and lies she tries to spin and come up with other nonsense. I guess she can’t refute the fact that I was raised by a single mother and use that to point to my “war on women”. This could be the very reason for your war on women. The most despicable misogynists in the world have a mother and many of them could be single mothers. Get over it, you don’t like women and it could be said that they don’t like you.

Can’t refute my leg injury and 15 operations over the past two years – THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING MAYOR – ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD VOTE FOR YOU OUT OF PITY —- let’s drag up an old gas credit card bill for $900. I challenged the debt, misunderstanding, I forgot — and they can’t prove that I owed it. Yeah, that’s earth shattering news. Before Ms. Montgomery alerts the media, I also have an outstanding debt with AT&T where someone opened an account with my name (I had Sprint for 10 years and never had an account with AT&T). But, you probably already know that and just don’t want to tell people the whole truth and would rather toss out your lies and hope that I don’t see them or have time to keep wasting refuting your pettiness.

I still owe the court $20. The horror!

As for the lawsuit against the city, it is my understanding that all fees have been paid (especially since we prepaid and the court issued us a refund – why would they give us a refund if we owed the court money?). – yet another misunderstanding — check again! 

I’m also curious as to why Ms. Montgomery claims that I was “not permitted” to file on behalf of CFBK. I filed as an individual and as President of CFBK. Any individual can file a claim regarding a bond debt sale. If I was “not permitted” to file on behalf of CFBK, that would have been grounds for the suit to be thrown out immediately. Wasn’t it already thrown out because of abnormalities —-But, of course, I’m not the bond debt legal expert that Ms. Montgomery is. You signed as Council for the CFABK – my bar complaint will include your excuse that you are not a bond attorney.  Your nonsense has harmed the citizens of Kenner.  You did not file the suit correctly, you did not file a memorandum in opposition until the day before the hearing, and then had the gall to file an appeal when your suit was dismissed.  Of course, you eventually dropped the appeal, but not until the deadline for filing your brief was a few days away.  My instinct tells me that you never intended to follow through with the appeal to begin with.  You just wanted to take your venom out on Yenni, but it landed on the citizens of Kenner!  Shame on you.

Now, the question still remains, why would a woman that I’ve never met or spoken to and wouldn’t know if she walked up to me on the street and introduced herself wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Connie Montgomery” would take such an interest in me and my candidacy. Maybe I should have investigated her – how is it you’ve got the right to investigate me, but I’m an “evil woman” because I’ve questioned your less than stellar credentials — misogyny at work  when she ran but, the voters obviously did. I’m also certain that we won’t be seeing any “investigative reporting” on Ms. Montgomery in Slabbed anytime soon.

Hopefully Doug, you are getting better legal advice because, obviously, Ms. Montgomery’s judgement in choosing political consultants is not very good. At least, if I lose, I’ll only have myself to blame and not someone who gave me “bad advice” that cost me $4,000. Maybe she’ll do better next time because I’m sure she’s made a deal with Greg Buisson and Mike Yenni. Of course, coming in 4th in a 4 horse race, there really is nowhere to go but up, right? What is that old line – unless you’re the lead horse, your view never changes… Close, It’s the lead dog, but an ironic choice of words for the guy who finished behind Ben Zahn (galling for you, I know) and a time-worn retired judge with his share of issues – One thing I’m sure of, you’ve been looking at that very scenery you mentioned your whole life.

Enjoy the view and your 15 minutes of fame Ms. Montgomery. As for the truth being a defense, you wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit you. You wouldn’t either Walt, I’ll bet your pathology ensures that….  Now, post away because I’m done with this, for now.

– See more at:

 A word to Walt:  I hope you do sue me – I will have some extensive questions for you to answer under oath and I will be doing the asking. We’ll get to the bottom of your whole life story and you’ll be footing the bill. 

Even his campaign is “not in good standing”……

I can’t understand for the life of me what Walt Bennetti does for a living.  He says he’s a blogger, but his “blog” is really a shrine to his ongoing slow burn with Yenni, complete with his own media releases and his commentary on his own personal actions as if he were a member of the media.

I know that some bloggers sell advertising, Walt doesn’t! He seems to have an abundance of free time, but what does blogging really pay? How does he eat? When is someone going to ask these questions?

Consider this, every corporation that Walt is the sole or principal entity is currently “not in good standing with the state!” LLC’s, Corporations, you name it, all out of favor with the folks in Tom Schedler’s office.

Don’t take my word, see for yourself;

SOS - Inside Jefferson Parish Magazine - 31314 1 - - Copy SOS - Vertex Media - 31314 1 - - Copy SOS - Tiger Media - 31314 1 - - Copy SOS - Walt Bennetti Campaign, Inc - 31314 1 - - Copy 

Wait, he’s running for office and even the corporation he formed to house his campaign activity is “NOT IN GOOD STANDING” with the State……..

This is a travesty for Kenner should this man become elected!

Walt Bennetti’s war on women…….

My name is Connie, I am a woman. While I must admit I don’t know him, in my opinion, Walt Bennetti’s got serious issues with women.

I’ve read his stuff for years, wondering why he’s been so vicious to so many women. I’ve heard and read him criticize most of the women on the Kenner Council. Maybe this is why he appears to be alone in life. But it hasn’t just been a time or two, I don’t think he has any use for us.

One thing that I’m willing to say about the current Mayor is that as CAO & Mayor, he’s given great responsibility to many women and they make up a majority of his team. Some of them appear to be single moms and I applaud the man for this aspect of his leadership!

You can Google this stuff for yourself and see what I mean, but in the past, he posted some pretty derogatory things about Michelle Branigan on Ok, he’s very vocal and disagrees with elected officials, but HE DID THIS WHILE BREAKING HIS NECK TO DEFEND Joe Stagni after he got a little snap happy with his digital camera??????  Yep, he was defending that! Sick, right?

I’ve seen him be downright vicious and ugly to Maria Defrancesch at council meeting and in his writings. When he was crusading with the strip club owners, dive bar patrons and video poker operators to keep things the same (gross) in the old Fat City. During this time he was repeatedly horrendously rude and unpleasant to Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng in his posts and in speaking out at public events. Narcissistic and troubling.

In the past few years, he’s referred to some of the top members of the Mayor’s senior staff as secretaries and has been especially derogatory in his focus on beating up on these women and the jobs they hold. Most of the jobs he’s “pledged” to get rid of are jobs being held by these women, Just look at his website;

Consolidate City Departments, reduce the number of political appointees and hire competent, experienced City Department Directors.

So because he hates Yenni, he assumes that these women who now work in the administration are not competent? Is he jealous, jaded or just a strange man who can’t stand to see a woman succeed? He’s even looking to get rid of the woman who runs the Pontchartrain Center, and she works for SMG, the people who run the Superdome.

Re-bid the Pontchartrain Center contract and stop spending Hundreds of Thousands in your tax dollars to subsidize SMG, an international company, to “manage” the building. 

At the end of the day, Bennetti is an odd guy who certainly has some issues with women in power. Wonder what that stems from?  I’ve been to a number of these crazy forums and I’ve seen the wives and families of most of these candidates in attendance, Bennetti sits alone & stares at the wall in this disturbing manner.

I don’t think he likes us much, but that’s just my opinion….. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be getting any Yuletide greetings from him this year.

The Troubling Bennetti Bio – Part 2

So I dug into Walt Bennetti’s background beginning with his time in Louisiana based on his “about walt” page on his campaign website and I find it curious that when the circumstance suits him, Walt defines the companies he worked for and provides a tremendous amount of detail. However, when it doesn’t, he’s awfully short on specifics……

In 1995, I began consulting a family-owned company in New Iberia that owned a radio station, two magazines and a billboard company. Until the owner called me, the only thing I knew about New Iberia was that they made Tabasco there (now the company says Tabasco is made on Avery Island). I had been to Louisiana many times but, this time was different and in early 1996, I moved to Louisiana and settled in Acadiana, living in New Iberia and, after a few years, moved to Broussard, a suburb of Lafayette about 10 minutes from New Iberia. During the mid-1990’s, the media industry consolidated and consulting work, particularly in radio, declined.

Ok, so Bennetti and his family’s mailbox & copy shop is failing (as evidenced by the information in the disciplinary action against his legal counsel) and his marriage ends in Tampa FL, all sometime before 1998. Somehow he ends up in Lafayette and then New Iberia. Nothing much is said about this big move 1/3 of the way across the country and his work in Louisiana as a radio consultant, nor is the business named, he does however, introduce the topic of a print magazine….. But consider this, consultants don’t move to the places where they have contracts, they work from where they are and fly/drive to meetings or presentations. The people who move and settle in the area where the business operates are called employees. He sites no friends, no significant others, no real relationships, just an opportunity or maybe even a whim. As will become a recurring theme of abandonment, one is led to believe that he abandoned his career that he claims to love (radio/TV/media/consulting) on a whim, to start a print magazine.

In late 1998, I launched a magazine in Baton Rouge, commuting daily from New Iberia. The magazine published one issue and closed.

Bennetti devotes one sentence to this failed endeavor in his bio, but the records tell an amazing amount more…. In December 1998, Bennetti signed a mortgage for a commercial building from the New Richmond Corporation on North Harrell’s Ferry Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Seven days later, in January 1999, the owner of New Richmond Corp, Henry Charles Silvio recorded the mortgage. In a story reported by Richard Rainey on, Mr. Bennetti couldn’t explain how this $320,000.00 (+8% interest) mortgage came to hold his signature. Despite being notarized and showing a clear legal description derived from a meets and bounds survey (things that are developed for the sale of a specific, individual plot of land) . Also included in the document were Walt’s social security number and other personal information regarding his marital status, the name of his former wife and the city & state where they were divorced, these are purposely added to this purchase instrument  to demonstrate his right to a clear title. This information that would never be included in a random property lease. Bennetti eventually ran away from the bond for deed arrangement with Mr. Silvio once his business was all falling apart.

  1. First the mortgage document – Bennetti BRLA Mortgage 12-1998 – Copy
  2. Next is the Bennetti BRLA Mortgage Suit 4-1999 – Copy, which states the extremes Mr. Silvio was required to do to take his building back
  3. Finally Bennetti BRLA Mortgage – Petition to enforce the order and remove Bennetti as owner via sheriff’s sale.

Bennetti dodged service and forced the owner to spend much more money on appointing counsel to represent him. And even though Walt wouldn’t let himself be found for service, he was right there all along. In fact as you can see from these documents, Bennetti Dispute w-Parsons Tennent 6-1999 – Copy he ends up in another lawsuit for trying to collect rent from the existing tenants, on a building he didn’t own and NEVER EVEN PAID THE FIRST DOLLAR FOR,. He did all of this while his rights were being removed through adjudication, leaving the building to be sold by the sheriff at auction. Contrary to the head scratching story he gave Rich Rainey of NOLA.Com – he can’t remember signing a mortgage, which is convenient since he probably doesn’t want anyone to remember the threat to take the property of the Parsons company or the accompanying law suit to protect their interests. So far, Mr. Bennetti’s travels south of I-10 have been less than stellar and we’ve not yet told the story of the Capitol City Now, his one issue printed magazine.

Capitol City Now’s story is best told by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report – a sort of a cross between New Orleans Gambit & City Business.

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report dated 1/5/99 “Boasting more choice in editorial content and advertising, a new weekly alternative news magazine is set to launch in Baton Rouge later this month, adding to the city’s growing field of publications. Capital City Now will hit local newsstands on Jan. 21, said owner and publisher Walter A. Bennetti, a New Iberia businessman. His plan is ambitious–a tabloid-size, four-color, glossy magazine with a circulation of 60,000 distributed in East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, West Feliciana, Livingston, Pointe Coupee and Ascension parishes. It will have one of the area’s largest circulations, second only to the Advocate, Baton Rouge’s daily newspaper . … “

Only a short time later, Bennetti made more news in Baton Rouge Capitol City Now – BR Business Report 1999 – Copy when his magazine hit the skids in a huge way.

Now I don’t want to pile on, but it’s kind of spectacularly amazing that Benetti got the State Attorney General looking up his businesses practices in only a few short weeks after he opened the door……. 

He provides a lot of specifics about this next period when he worked in the convenience store industry, but in 2001, about the time when Mr. Bennetti leaving his job with Racetrac Petroleum, Mr. Bennetti was sued by a company called GZA Environmental in Shreveport LA by the Babovich & Speadle LLP law firm over $4580 on an open account. I can’t figure why he would need such an account and there are no records to show that Mr. Bennetti ever resolved this matter.

I could write more, but this is a lot for today and I’ll stop – if you are keeping track, that’s 4 lawsuits in three cities since his move to Louisiana to say nothing of his being investigated by the State Attorney General…..

Soon I’ll get into my feelings regarding the way Mr. Bennetti treats women, highlight his obstructionist behavior and show the ways he’s cost the City of Kenner money.

The Troubling Bennetti Bio – Part 1

So I read Walt Bennetti’s “About Walt” page detailing his life. On it’s face, the level of detail is stunning – more than 2600 words. I’d be wrong to say that he discusses his experiences, because it is more like he’s trying to explain the connections between his various “careers” as well as his trail of failed businesses & bad decisions. I’m not kidding when I say this, he admits to a number of his failed businesses. Because of the amount of detail listed in this page, the gaps that it does not fully address made me wonder, so I started comparing and that’s where the troubling part comes in……

To begin with, I remembered that there were a number of issues raised by Rich Rainey of about Walt’s time in college at University of Southern Florida when he ran for the Parish Council in 2011. In his current bio on his campaign website, Mr. Bennetti doesn’t list the USF.

After graduation, I went to college for two reasons – to pacify my parents and to play baseball. The truth is, from Grade School on I was bored in school. I got good grades, again, to pacify my parents and that was never an issue. But, I was never really a committed student. I learned from reading and doing – not staring at a chalkboard or listening to someone’s version of history.

In 1979, after one semester at Hiram College in Ohio, a small, liberal arts college, I left school and moved to Tampa where I delved even deeper into another passion of mine: radio.

Wait? What happened to the written candidate profile he gave the TP/ in which he claimed to have spent three years at USF & is quoted in the story as having spent “more than a semester” at USF? Curious, right? More importantly, Bennetti constantly criticizes others that are in elective office about their backgrounds and suitability for office based on these backgrounds (based on his opinion), yet he admits to only a semester in college this go round, has abandoned his “story” about having spent three years at USF and openly talks about at least three failed businesses in this part of the bio….

So, at this point I’m really curious as I read the Bennetti story, which goes on to demonstrate a 16 year gap between 1979, the year of the semester in college he admits to attending and 1995 when he says he moved to New Iberia. He says that he moved a bunch while he worked in radio, which is believable as radio tends to be a fairly transient business. Although he never states the name of a company he worked for during this period, he claims to have begun management consulting with radio & tv outlets. I don’t believe that a young man in his 20’s would be called upon to serve as a consultant of any magnitude as he says he was. Conversely, the only verifiable information on his background comes via court records from lawsuits that he was involved in and the Florida Department of State’s corporations database say he was a part owner in businesses called Florida Mailing, Shipping and Printing, which later did business as Pack & Print. No mention of media consulting in these records. What they do mention is that Walter and his step-father seemed to make some poor decisions regarding their choice of lawyer, who ran his practice out of a used car lot and frequented Bennetti’s copy shop. The record shows that the attorney in this action (Brakefield)  was sanctioned in FL (Brakefield Disciplinary Action – 1996 –) for his poor representation of Bennetti and his family, which is regrettable. This is a tremendous amount of data to weed through, but as I read it, it was not lost on me that in a very short time Bennetti’s family seemed to have a great need for a lawyer, being involved in actions that involved a copy machine that was removed from his business against his wishes, issues with the family’s early termination of the company’s storefront lease, a payment conflict with the people that sold the mailbox/shipping/copy business to Bennetti’s family and a conflict with a condo neighbor over the cost/validity of repairs.

Also absent from his bio is an explanation of the $8,798.19 tax lien from 1991 for the tax period from 1987 – 1990. But I’m sure that it’s someone else’s fault.  Bennetti Tax Lien – 1991

So MB’s time in FLA seems to be fraught with bad decisions, bad business deals, bad news – I wish that this was the end – soon in Part 2 of this post, I’ll dig into his time since he moved here to Louisiana.

Bennetti’s 2014 Campaign Disclosure

When someone signs up to run for office they are required to submit a disclosure of their income and business interests at the time of their qualifying. This is an important component of the political process as it defines the candidate’s business, financial and volunteer interests.

As an illustration, here’s the disclosure from Mr. Bennetti’s prior race for a District seat on the Jefferson Parish Council.

W. Bennetti – EthicsDisclosure 110928 (1)

As you can see, in September 2011 Candidate Bennetti understands the whole disclosure and completes all the applicable details including his certification of filing his prior year’s tax information AND business information.

Next, please see the attached disclosure from December 2013 in his campaign for Mayor of Kenner.

W. Bennetti – EthicsDisclosure 131220 (1)

Note the absence of the required tax certification and any business or work interests – a distinct change from his situation just two years ago. One is led to believe that he has no job and has not paid his taxes. That said, I am sure Mr. Bennetti is counting on the fact that most folks won’t ever read or compare these items, but they are very important considerations when you want to be in charge of collecting taxes from others on behalf of the City and given his intense criticism of the current Mayor’s time working in government when he makes it clear that he has no job or income, yet want’s to be the Mayor of the 6th largest city in Louisiana? ……..Seriously?

Also illustrative of this point is the rhetoric Mr. Bennetti puts out via his Facebook pages and his campaign/other websites regarding his work and business interests.

From his Facebook page.

Publisher/Owner at Inside Jefferson Parish Magazine and Publisher/Owner at

and then from his website

In 2006, I launched a web site,, to provide Jefferson Parish News and Information. The web site featured the only Jefferson Parish-exclusive Business Directory. In 2012, I closed down the web site portion of and it morphed into a blog where I post primarily political commentary.

In 2011, I started another business, launching a magazine about Jefferson Parish. Later in 2011, the opportunity presented itself to run for Jefferson Parish Council to represent portions of Kenner and Metairie. Since I couldn’t run the magazine and run for office simultaneously, and I wanted to make a bigger difference in Jefferson Parish and in Kenner, I shut down the magazine to focus full-time on the campaign. Obviously, this was not a smart move as I was not elected.

Another inconsistency in Mr. Bennetti’s story (I’m learning that he’s got a lot of inconsistencies & misunderstandings in his life) is the suggestion that he couldn’t run his magazine and run for office at the same time. He published two editions of his failed publication in May and June of 2011 yet qualifying for the JP Council didn’t start till September 2011.

Having a bone to pick with an elected official is one motivation, and even running for office to hold them accountable for things you disagree with is another, thinking that the people of Kenner are so stupid as to not notice these issues is just ludicrous!



Why am I speaking out?

My name is Connie Montgomery, I am a general practice and family law attorney in Kenner, LA.

First of all I want to be clear that this is not really about me, or lifting up any of the other candidates who are running for Mayor, but I am sure that Mr. Walt Bennetti will not be the answer. As a former judicial candidate, I have learned a lot about the election process and what I’ve learned is alarming. Based on my legal practice, I feel as though I can spot a person who is not dealing with the public in an honest and direct manner. I’ve reviewed much of  Mr. Bennetti’s history and have become more and more concerned with what I’ve found through this process. Through the course of the posts that follow, I’ll detail the information I’ve discovered.