Bennetti’s 2014 Campaign Disclosure

ayur slim tea price When someone signs up to run for office they are required to submit a disclosure of their income and business interests at the time of their qualifying. This is an important component of the political process as it defines the candidate’s business, financial and volunteer interests.

As an illustration, here’s the disclosure from Mr. Bennetti’s prior race for a District seat on the Jefferson Parish Council.

W. Bennetti – EthicsDisclosure 110928 (1)

As you can see, in September 2011 Candidate Bennetti understands the whole disclosure and completes all the applicable details including his certification of filing his prior year’s tax information AND business information.

Next, please see the attached disclosure from December 2013 in his campaign for Mayor of Kenner.

W. Bennetti – EthicsDisclosure 131220 (1)

Note the absence of the required tax certification and any business or work interests – a distinct change from his situation just two years ago. One is led to believe that he has no job and has not paid his taxes. That said, I am sure Mr. Bennetti is counting on the fact that most folks won’t ever read or compare these items, but they are very important considerations when you want to be in charge of collecting taxes from others on behalf of the City and given his intense criticism of the current Mayor’s time working in government when he makes it clear that he has no job or income, yet want’s to be the Mayor of the 6th largest city in Louisiana? ……..Seriously?

Also illustrative of this point is the rhetoric Mr. Bennetti puts out via his Facebook pages and his campaign/other websites regarding his work and business interests.

From his Facebook page.

Publisher/Owner at Inside Jefferson Parish Magazine and Publisher/Owner at

and then from his website In 2006, I launched a web site,, to provide Jefferson Parish News and Information. The web site featured the only Jefferson Parish-exclusive Business Directory. In 2012, I closed down the web site portion of and it morphed into a blog where I post primarily political commentary.

more In 2011, I started another business, launching a magazine about Jefferson Parish. Later in 2011, the opportunity presented itself to run for Jefferson Parish Council to represent portions of Kenner and Metairie. Since I couldn’t run the magazine and run for office simultaneously, and I wanted to make a bigger difference in Jefferson Parish and in Kenner, I shut down the magazine to focus full-time on the campaign. Obviously, this was not a smart move as I was not elected.

Another inconsistency in Mr. Bennetti’s story (I’m learning that he’s got a lot of inconsistencies & misunderstandings in his life) is the suggestion that he couldn’t run his magazine and run for office at the same time. He published two editions of his failed publication in May and June of 2011 yet qualifying for the JP Council didn’t start till September 2011.

Having a bone to pick with an elected official is one motivation, and even running for office to hold them accountable for things you disagree with is another, thinking that the people of Kenner are so stupid as to not notice these issues is just ludicrous!



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