Walt Bennetti’s war on women…….

My name is Connie, I am a woman. While I must admit I don’t know him, in my opinion, Walt Bennetti’s got serious issues with women.

I’ve read his stuff for years, wondering why he’s been so vicious to so many women. I’ve heard and read him criticize most of the women on the Kenner Council. Maybe this is why he appears to be alone in life. But it hasn’t just been a time or two, I don’t think he has any use for us.

One thing that I’m willing to say about the current Mayor is that as CAO & Mayor, he’s given great responsibility to many women and they make up a majority of his team. Some of them appear to be single moms and I applaud the man for this aspect of his leadership!

You can Google this stuff for yourself and see what I mean, but in the past, he posted some pretty derogatory things about Michelle Branigan on NOLA.com. Ok, he’s very vocal and disagrees with elected officials, but HE DID THIS WHILE BREAKING HIS NECK TO DEFEND Joe Stagni after he got a little snap happy with his digital camera??????  Yep, he was defending that! Sick, right?

I’ve seen him be downright vicious and ugly to Maria Defrancesch at council meeting and in his writings. When he was crusading with the strip club owners, dive bar patrons and video poker operators to keep things the same (gross) in the old Fat City. During this time he was repeatedly horrendously rude and unpleasant to Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng in his posts and in speaking out at public events. Narcissistic and troubling.

In the past few years, he’s referred to some of the top members of the Mayor’s senior staff as secretaries and has been especially derogatory in his focus on beating up on these women and the jobs they hold. Most of the jobs he’s “pledged” to get rid of are jobs being held by these women, Just look at his website;

Consolidate City Departments, reduce the number of political appointees and hire competent, experienced City Department Directors.

So because he hates Yenni, he assumes that these women who now work in the administration are not competent? Is he jealous, jaded or just a strange man who can’t stand to see a woman succeed? He’s even looking to get rid of the woman who runs the Pontchartrain Center, and she works for SMG, the people who run the Superdome.

Re-bid the Pontchartrain Center contract and stop spending Hundreds of Thousands in your tax dollars to subsidize SMG, an international company, to “manage” the building. 

At the end of the day, Bennetti is an odd guy who certainly has some issues with women in power. Wonder what that stems from?  I’ve been to a number of these crazy forums and I’ve seen the wives and families of most of these candidates in attendance, Bennetti sits alone & stares at the wall in this disturbing manner.

I don’t think he likes us much, but that’s just my opinion….. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be getting any Yuletide greetings from him this year.

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