What Walt now owes us…….

So I was intrigued by Old Bennetti’s conception that he didn’t cost taxpayers any money with his suit —- I have a more grounded reality based on when the bonds would have been sold sans CFABK intervention and when they were actually sold following the prolonged lifespan of the appeal being dropped.

These are just a few options in the breakdowns for your consideration of what Walt really owes you!

buy generic cytotec without perscription  Amount Walt Cost Kenner               $2,100,000.00

$2,100,000.00 / 67,000    (Total Population) = $31.34

$2,100,000.00 / 38,277 (Registered Voters) = $56.33

$2,100,000.00 / 26,817 (Households)            = $78.30

$2,100,000.00 / 21,641(Real Estate Parcels )= $97.05 where to buy inderal online (Bennetti won’t get this bill because he doesn’t own any taxable property in Kenner… or anyplace else)

When I see him, I’m going to ask him for my $97.05 — I wonder if he’ll pay me in cash or out of his campaign account? It was his stunt to get his name out, surely he’ll argue that it’s a campaign expense…….

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