with Walt, everything is just a simple misunderstanding or a mistake….(response included)

Yes, it’s a mistake!

http://marisarosemejia.com/90340-cardura-generic-cost.html Editorially, I find it so very interesting that a man who’s spent an inordinate amount of time bashing an elected official, taking statements and situations out of context for his own purposes, yet is out of patience when someone points out the inequalities of his own statements….. curious? – CONNIE

Response to Walt Bennetti’s comments on Slabbed.org

When a friend sent me this link, I actually thought that I would read something regarding the Kenner Mayor’s race – not a promotion piece for the ramblings, lies and misinformation spewed by Mike Yenni and Greg Buisson through their rube, Connie Montgomery.  i loved this So says Joe Stagni’s most staunch defender.If Ms. Montgomery (or Slabbed, for that matter) bothered to do their homework (or actually read), they would note that there are at least 15 lies put forth by Ms. Montgomery with no documentation. I’m not going to address them here as I have better things to, like campaign. As an attorney, and a former judicial candidate, Ms. Montgomery should know the difference between facts and innuendo. As a candidate, I realize that I am putting myself out there to scrutiny and I’ve written about, and accepted, the mistakes that I’ve made in my life. You may have offered up some of the mistakes you’ve made in your life, but you’ve been silent on plenty, hoping the media won’t notice or call you on the gaps. That being said, the First Amendment or the Public Figure law, does not extend to malicious slander, and Ms. Montgomery should know that distinction. Since she is providing Slabbed with legal advice (and, in return, no doubt) Slabbed is trying to send traffic to her page, Slabbed is a witting or unwitting accomplish. In any event, hopefully, Slabbed is getting better legal advice than Ms. Montgomery can offer. I got my degree from the University of Alabama – where did you get yours Walt? 

Cue Mr. Bennetti (this is where he goes into his riffs about everything in life being Mr. Yenni’s fault.)  If the people of Kenner don’t want me as there Mayor and would rather have a corrupt man who gives no-bid contracts to his friends, tried to double property taxes, has more political appointees than at any time in Kenner history, gave those political appointees $200,000 a year in allowances to drive back and forth from their homes to city hall and to pay their cell phones, who opposed 2 Good Government Charter Changes that were approved by 70% of the voters in Kenner, and used semantics to take on the largest debt in Kenner’s history without a voter referendum, that’s fine. At least, there will be a vote and the people will decide – not Mike Yenni’s Millionaire Friends.I doubt that the Mayor is under the influence of some roving group of millionaires, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve put on your tinfoil hat and said it enough times so that it became true. 

I’ve offered plans to turnaround the Esplanade Mall; reinvigorate Williams Blvd, West Esplanade and Airline Highway without new taxes or new debt; provide real economic development in Kenner as opposed to window dressing; turn the Old Kenner High School into a South Kenner Library and computer resource center/job training center to afford members of our community to learn new skills and get higher paying jobs in the new economy (Yenni wants to turn it into more City offices); fully fund our Fire Department and get up to the National standard of 4-men on a truck; and bring openness and transparency to Kenner and end the “pay to play” mentality of the Yenni Administration.

Now, regarding some of Ms. Montgomery’s assertions and lies:

As most people in Kenner (Ms. Montgomery not-withstanding) know, for the past two years, I’ve been undergoing extensive therapy to keep my left leg attached.

Walt, I know that your goal in constantly drawing attention to your leg is to acquire people’s sympathy for your condition. I deal with people on disability working through medical issues every day. They don’t run for mayor and then bring up their infirmity at every possible chance. You however, love the attention as you hope they won’t notice the issues in your past. Based on what I’ve read of your posts, your leg got infected because you did not go to the doctor on a timely basis (weeks?) and put you own self in jeopardy. This may sound callous, but seems like Ms. Byler should have made you go to the doctor long before your leg was literally rotting off of you? Why would you wait? 

In fact, I had my 15th operation on March 5th. While I was hospitalized and fighting to stay alive from the infection that had spread through my body, I shut down all of my businesses. Why would I keep inactive corporations active and on the tax roll? These “businesses” were not in good standing with the Secretary of State prior to your injury. How does that make sense? But, it’s a common tactic by Greg Buisson to infer that someone is a “bad businessman”. I don’t know Mr. Buisson, but I am saying that in my opinion he’d be right to infer that you are indeed a “bad businessman!”

Answer me this, what do you do for money? Your report leads one to believe that you didn’t file your taxes, don’t have a job, have no business interests. Explain how you are living. One does not rent a house and somehow have the means to have 0 resources per these reports. Answer this one question – what do you do?

Ms. Montgomery claims that I have a “war on women” because I’ve criticized the fact that a former secretary with no Purchasing or IT experience (and no government or management experience either) was promoted to Interim Purchasing Director and now, IT Director and given an almost $30,000 raise. Ms. Montgomery believes that I am attacking her because this person is a single mother (a fact that I was not aware of). Lots of facts you aren’t aware of, this I’m convinced of….    Ms. Montgomery fails to note that I was raised by a single mother and have repeatedly called my mother “the strongest person that I know”. I was also raised by a divorced mother, which is the proper term! But I don’t care about your mother Norman, she’s not running for Mayor. In fact, I wrote more about my life than probably any other candidate ever has and posted it warts and all, on my web site: http://www.electwaltmayor.com

You did write a lot and as I see it, however you told the story you wanted to have out there, not the facts that your records and history tell.

Ms. Montgomery asserts that there was an Attorney General’s investigation. Go sue the Baton Rouge Business Report for that inference. A simple phone call to the AG’s office would have told her that never happened. Everything with you is solved by a simple phone call, a quick check, a plausible story……  A business claimed that “there should be” an investigation and that was printed by the Baton Rouge Business Report. There was never any investigation. The worst thing that happened with my failed magazine in Baton Rouge was (wait for it…..) that I had an overzealous salesperson who claimed to have sold some ads and didn’t (…. somebody else’s fault….). Those businesses received free advertising – they were never billed, and they obviously never paid. However, this action damaged the magazine’s reputation and we folded. Yet another folded business! Let’s talk about how you had no recollection of having a mortgage for the building that housed your BRLA magazine and the resulting foreclosure and how you were sued for non-payment of that mortgage and then iced the cake by attempting to collect rent for space you did not own and now claim to have no memory of the transaction. (Wait – I know, another misunderstanding). As Tom Fitzmorris says, “but first this……”


Ms. Montgomery asserts that I printed 2 issues of Inside Jefferson Parish. We actually printed 4 – 3 of them are available online. Send me the link, when you reply to this….but regardless, there would have been no prohibition on you operating the magazine and running for office — The last issue was August 2011 finished in July for August distribution and qualifying for JP Council (my other attempt at public office) was in September 2011 It was over in November. Your former employees and landlord (you remember paying them, right?) paint a different picture – we can bring them in as needed to enlighten your recollection.  I injured my leg in January of 2012 which stopped me from relaunching the magazine after Mardi Gras 2012. You were asked to leave the address on Harvard prior to the end of the year in 2010 under less than positive circumstances and would have no option to return there — (I know …. another misunderstanding.)

Ms. Montgomery says that there is a 16-year gap between 1979 and 1995 that is unaccounted for. In fact, I wrote about my moving up the ladder in radio, moving from Tampa to Lansing to Toledo and back to Tampa, getting married and divorced, etc. Ms. Montgomery says that “sometime before 1998″ I got divorced. My divorce was final in 1987, and I clearly wrote about that in the timeline.

Ms. Montgomery drags up a legal disciplinary hearing that I attended as a witness for my stepfather to assert that I am somehow responsible for some decisions that he made with his business. My stepfather paid an attorney to represent him and the attorney disappeared. I was never an employee of my stepfather’s business, never drew a paycheck, never worked anything remotely associated with regular hours and had limited involvement in the business. Again, this disciplinary case has more to do with an attorney stealing money and misrepresenting my stepdad than it has anything to do with me. You were listed as a  registered agent and you were referenced in the disciplinary action as co-owner. (It’s ok if you don’t remember, I have paperwork….. )

Ms. Montgomery makes several assertions regarding the portion of the building that I leased in Baton Rouge. (it was a mortgageWhen I was confronted with that information (12 years after the fact), I answered the questions posed truthfully. Yet again, the misunderstandings — just cause you run from the process server, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This “lawsuit” and “foreclosure” never appeared on my credit report, never came up in a background check and was never served on me. Ms. Montgomery asserts that I “dodged” service. If you look at the paperwork, despite having my home address, they were trying to serve me in the wrong parish. I never knew about this “lawsuit” until a manilla envelope was taped to my front door when I ran for office in 2011 and, then, a few days later, shown the information by a reporter. You continue to talk around the issue of your demand for rent from the other tenant which is the most unbelievable part of the circumstance AND you still didn’t write about it in your “warts and all” biography. 

Again, I’m not going to defend myself here. I’ll save that for the courts after the election. I’ve probably already said too much. I just thought that Slabbed was better than this. Certainly, Doug knows my email address (probably my cell number too) and could have asked me to discuss this. Perhaps if he would have done even a modicum of actual reporting he would have fallen for this obvious political move. But hey, I guess I should be flattered knowing that Yenni, Buisson and Montgomery are pulling out all the stops to try to discredit me right? Slabbed readers should know that, just because someone says (or writes) something, that doesn’t make it true. Amen Brother Bennetti, you should know that this is the ultimate irony, because when you write something on your computer or the internet, you seem to believe it’s unassailable. I find you to be a jealous, pitiful and spiteful man. I see through you, I see why no woman wants you and I may arrange some face time for you and the people you still have open financial issues with…… where are you knocking doors this weekend, when is your next public appearance?

Walt Bennetti March 25, 2014 at 12:28 am

First of all, the “claim” that the lawsuit cost the city $2.1 Million is completely false. The bonds were priced and sold prior to the lawsuit being heard and before the City Council had given their final approval. They could have been priced and sold at any time as there was a disclaimer in the bond package regarding the law suit.While Ms. Montgomery can continue repeating Mayor Yenni’s lies and misinformation, the fact is that HE cost city residents $17 Million in interest. That interest is wasted money that could have been used to fund infrastructure, fire and police protection and other projects.Besides, even if Ms. Montgomery and Yenni are correct and I cost the city $2.1 Million, I helped save taxpayers $13 Million a year in new and increased taxes so, in the eyes of Kenner taxpayers (read: 6 enabling sycophant malcontents and other friends of Joe Stagni….), I’m still way ahead.  As usual, the same theme, I’m right – everybody else is wrong, it’s all a misunderstanding.

Also, Ms. Montgomery is wrong in that I have NEVER been sued in Shreveport. (but lots of other places?) 

Bennetti Bkgrnd 2 18

I’ve never heard of GZA Environmental Well, Walt, they’ve heard of you! and I can find no record of an office in Shreveport. I was never served the lawsuit in Baton Rouge (one, not 2) and it obviously never went to court. (see the posts above dude! Obviously it was adjudicated, note the docket numbers, see the NOTICE OF RETURN which delineates the Sheriff’s Service in the second paragraph! AND OBVIOUSLY Mr. Silvio and the New Richmond Corporation got their building back via the Sheriff’s sale conducted by Elmer Litchfield, Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish)  Don’t say you were never sued, Walter! And here the papers Yes, I was sued twice in Jefferson Parish although Ms. Montgomery fails to note that I was sued by Ben Zahn (who lost both times). The lawsuits in Jefferson Parish were well documented with articles on Nola.com.

When I’ve answered Ms. Montgomery’s assertions and lies she tries to spin and come up with other nonsense. I guess she can’t refute the fact that I was raised by a single mother and use that to point to my “war on women”. This could be the very reason for your war on women. The most despicable misogynists in the world have a mother and many of them could be single mothers. Get over it, you don’t like women and it could be said that they don’t like you.

Can’t refute my leg injury and 15 operations over the past two years – THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING MAYOR – ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD VOTE FOR YOU OUT OF PITY —- let’s drag up an old gas credit card bill for $900. I challenged the debt, misunderstanding, I forgot — and they can’t prove that I owed it. Yeah, that’s earth shattering news. Before Ms. Montgomery alerts the media, I also have an outstanding debt with AT&T where someone opened an account with my name (I had Sprint for 10 years and never had an account with AT&T). But, you probably already know that and just don’t want to tell people the whole truth and would rather toss out your lies and hope that I don’t see them or have time to keep wasting refuting your pettiness.

I still owe the court $20. The horror!

As for the lawsuit against the city, it is my understanding that all fees have been paid (especially since we prepaid and the court issued us a refund – why would they give us a refund if we owed the court money?). – yet another misunderstanding — check again! 

I’m also curious as to why Ms. Montgomery claims that I was “not permitted” to file on behalf of CFBK. I filed as an individual and as President of CFBK. Any individual can file a claim regarding a bond debt sale. If I was “not permitted” to file on behalf of CFBK, that would have been grounds for the suit to be thrown out immediately. Wasn’t it already thrown out because of abnormalities —-But, of course, I’m not the bond debt legal expert that Ms. Montgomery is. You signed as Council for the CFABK – my bar complaint will include your excuse that you are not a bond attorney.  Your nonsense has harmed the citizens of Kenner.  You did not file the suit correctly, you did not file a memorandum in opposition until the day before the hearing, and then had the gall to file an appeal when your suit was dismissed.  Of course, you eventually dropped the appeal, but not until the deadline for filing your brief was a few days away.  My instinct tells me that you never intended to follow through with the appeal to begin with.  You just wanted to take your venom out on Yenni, but it landed on the citizens of Kenner!  Shame on you.

Now, the question still remains, why would a woman that I’ve never met or spoken to and wouldn’t know if she walked up to me on the street and introduced herself wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Connie Montgomery” would take such an interest in me and my candidacy. Maybe I should have investigated her – how is it you’ve got the right to investigate me, but I’m an “evil woman” because I’ve questioned your less than stellar credentials — misogyny at work  when she ran but, the voters obviously did. I’m also certain that we won’t be seeing any “investigative reporting” on Ms. Montgomery in Slabbed anytime soon.

Hopefully Doug, you are getting better legal advice because, obviously, Ms. Montgomery’s judgement in choosing political consultants is not very good. At least, if I lose, I’ll only have myself to blame and not someone who gave me “bad advice” that cost me $4,000. Maybe she’ll do better next time because I’m sure she’s made a deal with Greg Buisson and Mike Yenni. Of course, coming in 4th in a 4 horse race, there really is nowhere to go but up, right? What is that old line – unless you’re the lead horse, your view never changes… Close, It’s the lead dog, but an ironic choice of words for the guy who finished behind Ben Zahn (galling for you, I know) and a time-worn retired judge with his share of issues – One thing I’m sure of, you’ve been looking at that very scenery you mentioned your whole life.

Enjoy the view and your 15 minutes of fame Ms. Montgomery. As for the truth being a defense, you wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit you. You wouldn’t either Walt, I’ll bet your pathology ensures that….  Now, post away because I’m done with this, for now.


– See more at: http://slabbed.org/2014/03/21/for-those-that-didnt-know-weve-got-us-a-mayors-race-in-kenna-brah/#comments

 A word to Walt:  I hope you do sue me – I will have some extensive questions for you to answer under oath and I will be doing the asking. We’ll get to the bottom of your whole life story and you’ll be footing the bill. 

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