So I joined Facebook today and learned the definition of irony……. Today, I decided to stop looking at Facebook on my assistant’s computer and created my own Facebook account. I couldn’t believe what I found – Walt Bennetti, who I believe has no job and literally plays on the internet all day, is complaining about Mike Yenni posting on his own Facebook page.

additional reading Irony personified!

In my opinion, the Mayor of a city is on call 24 hours a day and based on Walt’s malformed logic could never do anything personal without jeopardizing the public trust. Am I the only person who finds humor in Walt’s assertions? On a slow day Walt Bennetti posts about 6-10 times on his own Facebook page and as a “public service” wants to “remind” Mike Yenni that he is a public servant and should be doing other things. This is indicative of exactly what is wrong with Mr. B and his endless double standard. He can be on the intrawebs all day long bashing Yenni with his stable of friends. These friends, a few sycophants who also seem to have no function other than to troll the internet & share Walt’s deep burning hatred for the Mayor, regularly pointing out how brilliant they all really are and slap each other on the back in glee. Walt and these people speak out and complain on most every topic imaginable,  yet won’t answer my question on what he does for a living or just why it is that he seems to have no commitments other than the monthly Kenner CIty Council meetings. Ask a substantive question about their backgrounds, they all go shoe shopping. 

Walt – I still want my money that you cost Kenner!

Could someone please tell Mike Yenni that he is still Mayor and shouldn’t be posting on Facebook during working hours? Doesn’t the Kenner Employee Handbook say something about that? We are still paying him right?Here’s a list of his recent posts:
Tuesday, 4/1 – 4:32pm, 1:13pm
Monday, 3/31 – 8:58am
Thursday, 3/27 – 1:09pm
Wednesday, 3/26 – 10:07am, 12:39pm, 1:56pm, 2:36pm
Monday, 3/24 – 10:46am
Friday, 3/21 – 11:05am, 2:42pm
Thursday, 3/20 – 3:18pm
Wednesday, 3/19 – 10:31am
Tuesday, 3/18 – 2:28pm, 3:06pm, 3:07pm, 3:08pm
Monday, 3/17 – 3:14pmWhen I’m elected, I promise to not post on Facebook during business hours unless it’s an emergency (and campaigning is NOT an emergency).

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