An added twist – failed magazine partners see a lot of scrutiny in Walter Reed investigation…….

Glass Houses.

I’ve always heard that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. That makes sense if you are a thinking man, but alas our friend often finds ways to move the metaphorical football and as a result, ending up flat on his back and cursing. Sadly this is a place  that Walt often lands.

Let’s begin with an article from Sunday’s New Orleans Advocate  about a couple who sought their own selective brand of justice, which didn’t exactly go through the normal channels.

Landlord Barbara Marullo already had evicted Ricky Cambre from the Covington building that housed his restaurant, the Ground Pat’i, and was suing him for back rent. Then, in November 2011, she discovered that $11,500 in parts were missing from the building’s walk-in cooler and a kitchen drain had been filled and sealed with cement.

But Marullo did not alert the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. Instead, her husband, Anthony, took an unusual shortcut, placing a call to the office of Walter Reed, the parish’s district attorney. Two investigators, one of them an old friend of Anthony Marullo’s, promptly began looking into the case. A month later, Cambre was arrested for theft and criminal damage to property.

Yet what seemed like swift justice has now raised more questions about Reed, already under scrutiny for his private business dealings and the way he has spent campaign money.

That Anthony Marullo could order up an investigation with a phone call to the DA was unusual to begin with. But the case against Cambre also has fallen apart, largely because Barbara Marullo’s testimony about the alleged theft and property damage directly contradicts the version of events offered by Reed’s chief investigator, Louis Dabdoub.

See, but what is funny here is that this lady, Mrs. Barbara Marullo was Walt Bennetti’s business partner in a magazine that sought to thwart the parish’s intentions to clean up Fat City and much like many of the battles Mr. Bennetti has waged with other elected officials, he had no standing to insert himself into a debate about an area of town that he did not live in, claims to not specifically being a client or aficionado of the dive bars, marginal restaurants and strip clubs, but who knows what manner of vice drove him there? We do know that Walt was especially passionate about the quality of the hot dogs and Mrs. Drake sandwiches at a number of the convenience stores as I am sure that old habits die hard. And beyond his simpatico relationship with his fellow c-store travelers, no one could ever understand why Walt would have injected himself into this fight.

So yes, the same Barbara Marullo who owns video poker machines in a number of past and present establishments like some of the areas that the parish targeted for revitalization, So Walt got investors, failed to make anything come from the investment in his now, failed “inside jefferson” magazine and now they are under the pall of an investigation surrounding the St. Tammany DA’s propriety in a case that may have violated Mr. Cambre’s Civil Liberties. Want more? Step up and grab the pdf that details Walt and the Marullo’s relationship below.

SOS - Inside Jefferson Parish Magazine - 31314 1 - - Copy

First off, this corporation is still not in good standing with the SOS – it might only take $35.00 to rectify this. But more importantly, I’d kind of get worried that these very seriously impatient people might get tired of waiting for a return on their investment and have you locked up like they did to Cambre, Walt…… but you can always call on the Sheriff to help…… oh, wait…….. never mind!!!!!

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