cheering for Kenner to fail, again

As I thought about writing this post, I was reminded of this quote,

“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

And thus we arrive at our topic for today. Walt, the rejected politician, the master of failed magazine business, the king of explainable misunderstandings is at it again and it occurred to me that in the entirety of his residence in our fair city he’s never invested himself in rowing the boat, just loudly bitching about the experience.

So when it wasn’t enough to tank two businesses, Walt runs for office, That experience (somehow) wasn’t enough when it leads him to get spanked and embarrassed (twice) in these election attempts. Just as it wasn’t enough to have the Citizens for a Better Kenner’s time and money wasting suit thrown out of court. Our pal Wally just doubles down on his negative behavior and lashes out at the progress Kenner has clearly said it wants in rejecting his tired narrative.

But, because it’s clearly evident that he’s so bitter and filled with petty hatred against Mayor Yenni, Mr. Bennetti just seems to live not to  ever “help row” but intentionally “rock the boat,” at least rhetorically.

His latest screeds should be instructive as to how deeply he longs for Mike Yenni (and by proxy, Kenner) to fail.

POTSHOT AT YENNI’s lovely inauguration ceremony and mass. Wally is grinding his teeth in agony over the genuine happiness that is evident with the council on this day and seeks to divide this smiling and bi-partisan group.

Oh Jesus, Yenni appointed another woman – Walter hates women!

On another note, Walter Obstruction and Objection Bennetti announces that the 7-11 on Williams has the newest icee machine and the freshest Mrs. Drake sandwiches, and thus his inability to understand anything that led to this old school constituency amongst his convenience store peeps.

Walt gripes about the Mayor’s actions in notifying the area about the progress on the infrastructure and Walt has to chime in.…. and yet the only thing Walt’s done is nothing.

Today, on his Facebook page Wally went to the Popeye’s (yes, he’s a man of the people, but nonetheless, an extremely poor choice for a man who is seeing a regiment of physicians) and related his experience with the happy cashier he encountered. Trouble is, he HAD to take a poke at the Mayor in his own little highly obsessed manner.

Walt, you are not a prophet; not a visionary; not a role model. I encourage people to accept him for who he is – a bitter and broken man who  wants nothing good for Kenner and thinks all elected officials are stealing their days away, stealing with both hands. In my opinion, even if that deluded conclusion were ever to be true, the trouble with Walt is that he just wants to trade places and his jealousy is obvious.

Kenner’s new council is filled with attorneys and Walt’s slander won’t be tolerated. I predict that one day soon, some of the people he’s always taking shots at are going to shoot back and Wally won’t have his compadre Stagni & his disbarred Consigliere to hide behind…….


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