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The Troubling Bennetti Bio – Part 1

http://lorettawellard.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR27BXe9JcDBB6t6LONAZQj-NviVDQCyRJxS-58MslffAvEunZD8YhNbxao So I read Walt Bennetti’s “About Walt” page detailing his life. On it’s face, the level of detail is stunning – more than 2600 words. I’d be wrong to say that he discusses his experiences, because it is more like he’s trying to explain the connections between his various “careers” as well as his trail of failed businesses & bad decisions. I’m not kidding when I say this, he admits to a number of his failed businesses. Because of the amount of detail listed in this page, the gaps that it does not fully address made me wonder, so I started comparing and that’s where the troubling part comes in……

To begin with, I remembered that there were a number of issues raised by Rich Rainey of nola.com about Walt’s time in college at University of Southern Florida when he ran for the Parish Council in 2011. In his current bio on his campaign website, Mr. Bennetti doesn’t list the USF.

After graduation, I went to college for two reasons – to pacify my parents and to play baseball. The truth is, from Grade School on I was bored in school. I got good grades, again, to pacify my parents and that was never an issue. But, I was never really a committed student. I learned from reading and doing – not staring at a chalkboard or listening to someone’s version of history.

cytotec no rx In 1979, after one semester at Hiram College in Ohio, a small, liberal arts college, I left school and moved to Tampa where I delved even deeper into another passion of mine: radio.

Wait? What happened to the written candidate profile he gave the TP/NOLA.com in which he claimed to have spent three years at USF & is quoted in the story as having spent “more than a semester” at USF? Curious, right? More importantly, Bennetti constantly criticizes others that are in elective office about their backgrounds and suitability for office based on these backgrounds (based on his opinion), yet he admits to only a semester in college this go round, has abandoned his “story” about having spent three years at USF and openly talks about at least three failed businesses in this part of the bio….

So, at this point I’m really curious as I read the Bennetti story, which goes on to demonstrate a 16 year gap between 1979, the year of the semester in college he admits to attending and 1995 when he says he moved to New Iberia. He says that he moved a bunch while he worked in radio, which is believable as radio tends to be a fairly transient business. Although he never states the name of a company he worked for during this period, he claims to have begun management consulting with radio & tv outlets. I don’t believe that a young man in his 20’s would be called upon to serve as a consultant of any magnitude as he says he was. Conversely, the only verifiable information on his background comes via court records from lawsuits that he was involved in and the Florida Department of State’s corporations database say he was a part owner in businesses called Florida Mailing, Shipping and Printing, which later did business as Pack & Print. No mention of media consulting in these records. What they do mention is that Walter and his step-father seemed to make some poor decisions regarding their choice of lawyer, who ran his practice out of a used car lot and frequented Bennetti’s copy shop. The record shows that the attorney in this action (Brakefield)  was sanctioned in FL (Brakefield Disciplinary Action – 1996 –) for his poor representation of Bennetti and his family, which is regrettable. This is a tremendous amount of data to weed through, but as I read it, it was not lost on me that in a very short time Bennetti’s family seemed to have a great need for a lawyer, being involved in actions that involved a copy machine that was removed from his business against his wishes, issues with the family’s early termination of the company’s storefront lease, a payment conflict with the people that sold the mailbox/shipping/copy business to Bennetti’s family and a conflict with a condo neighbor over the cost/validity of repairs.

Also absent from his bio is an explanation of the $8,798.19 tax lien from 1991 for the tax period from 1987 – 1990. But I’m sure that it’s someone else’s fault.  Bennetti Tax Lien – 1991

So MB’s time in FLA seems to be fraught with bad decisions, bad business deals, bad news – I wish that this was the end – soon in Part 2 of this post, I’ll dig into his time since he moved here to Louisiana.